Week 8 head of House in BBTitans 2023 won by Ipeleng

Week 8 head of House in BBTitans 2023 won by Ipeleng.

The prize of gaining immunity from the week’s possible eviction, exclusive access to the Head of House Lounge for the week, and the liberty to pick one Housemate as an assistant (Deputy) with whom they will share the Head of House lounge in play, the Housemates had their game faces on as usual in the week 8 of the Head of House game in the BBTitans Ziyakhala Wahala.

The Big Brother Titans Week 8 started with the housemates competing for the head of house (HOH) position. Anyone who wins the Head of House task will have the privilege of occupying the Big Brother lounge for the coming week and have a place in the reality TV show till the coming week without worrying about eviction. The head of the house winner will also be immune from nomination this week.

The challenge started with Big Brother introducing the game to the housemates and ended with carrying a ball with one hand and playing with care to finish in the small time frame.

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The BBTitans Head of House game is not as easy as you thought. It seems luck wasn’t on the side of the other housemates, who gave an early lead as Ipeleng won.

Ipeleng has got a place till next week to win the Head of House challenge in the reality TV show for week eight.

Ipeleng picked Blaqboi as her companion to spend the week in the HoH Luxury bedroom. Blaqboi is also immune from nomination this week.

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